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August 11th, 2015

What Is Andy Willoughby’s 3 Step Plan?

By Daniel Cunningham

In a nutshell the 3 step plan is an invitation to become a distributor for XanGo mangosteen juice. XanGo LLC. just might be the country’s fastest growing multi-level (pyramid) marketing company. On the website http://www.3stepplan.com Andy Willoughby says fill out the form and a regular person not a salesperson will give you a call. The person that calls you is a distributor for XanGo, and they put you on a “3 way” connection with a recorded sales message. Then they mail you their complete sales package.

How do you make money?

XanGo is a lot like Amway. You pay a membership fee (about $35); this entitles you to buy their product XanGo juice at the exclusive wholesale price of about $100 a case. If you check out EBay you can usually get a case for a lot less. A case contains four 25 ounce bottles. You are required to buy at least one case per month, to remain as a distributor and to qualify for down line commissions. Plus you need to buy marketing materials. The object is to sell your bottles for $38 each, for a $13 per bottle profit. To get rich you’re going to have to sell a lot of bottles. If you are making a $13 per bottle profit you will have to sell around 50 bottles a week just to make about $30,000 grand a year.

This is where the multi level marketing comes in.

YouTube Preview Image

If you really want to make money you need to recruit new members in your “down line” where you will get 5% of their sales.

Where do you find new members? You can go out and recruit friends and family. You can advertise or cold call for new members. Or you can have the people at XanGo do it, for approximately another $100-$500 per month they will get leads for you.

Where do these leads come from? They come mostly from the radio ads; remember “How in the world are you, anyways?’ Ta da! You are now the distributor talking to new prospects.

How much can you make?

The real money in multi level marketing is always at the top of the pyramid. You can make good money with this business but just like any type of home based business nothing comes easy you must work for it and you must invest in your business. You are going to have to shell out a membership fee, pay for a required monthly shipment, buy marketing materials, and spend time finding new customers and distributors. If you do all this the money will come. There are many success stories from the people at XanGo.


This business isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for a turnkey business XanGo isn’t a bad choice, just be willing to work hard. I just wanted people to know what they were getting into before they start. I liked the juice; I didn’t use it long enough to see any real effects. I just didn’t want to be a part of a MLM company. In my opinion there are better ways to earn money working from home. Check out my recommendations for the best work at home products and systems.

About the Author: I’m Dan Cunningham. I am an investor and entrepreneur. Feel free to contact me with any questions or leave a comment.

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August 11th, 2015

Muslim hair stylist sues hairdresser over alleged discrimination

Friday, November 9, 2007 

British-born Muslim hair stylist Bushra Noah is currently undertaking legal action against the owner of a hair salon for alleged religious discrimination. Noah is suing London hair salon owner Sarah Desroiser. Desroiser who runs a salon in King’s Cross, has said that she would not accept Noah as a stylist if Noah’s hair was covered. Noah, like many devout Muslims keeps her hair covered in public places, believing it to be immodest otherwise.

Noah claims that her headscarf is a fundamental part of her religious beliefs and that wearing the scarf would not interfere in her carrying out the job at all. Desrosiers said that it is not discrimination but rather that “the essence of my line of work is the display of hair. To me, it’s absolutely basic that people should be able to see the stylist’s hair. It has nothing to do with religion. It is just unfortunate that for her covering her hair symbolises religion.” Desosiers added that she had worked with Muslims in the past and employs a Muslim accountant.

Noah claims that the state of her own hair is irrelevant to her ability to style others hair.

The last few years have seen a string of similar cases in Britain. Last year, there was a case over whether a British Airways employee could wear a prominent cross, and another case in which a teacher argued that she had a right to wear a Jilb?b (a traditional Islamic dress that covers almost the entire body) in the classroom. In that case, the teacher lost in the High Court.

July 22nd, 2015

The Popularity Of Biker Jewelry

Submitted by: Calvin Washin

Nowadays men and women use jewelry to adore themselves. Everyone uses different kinds and among these choose those that will suite their personality very well. Jewelry has now become an important part of our everyday life as it increases one s personality no matter how much expensive or cheap it is. It is the most popular way to let others see your class. To have the ability to make an impressive and unique fashion statement, you need to maintain a good sense of style to represent yourself well. Biker jewelry has been coming with amazing accessories as well as a wide range of different kinds of merchandise. Biker jewelry is not only famous for its high quality and demand, but also because it comes in various different kinds of designs.

Biker jewelry has not only been for males but previously it was only popular among males only and females used to avoid, but nowadays it is popular among both males and females. It is available since very long time. If you are a biker or have a plan of becoming one, biker jewelry is something you will want to own as part of your collection. This type of ornament includes rings, chains, earrings, lip rings etc. Bikers are known by the accessories they wear such as leather jackets and long boots and fancy headgear. One of the common biker jewelry is the chains.

YouTube Preview Image

The chain comes in different type of style and design. Some are long and some are short and they may be made of different materials such as gold, silver, metal and even crystal. Among all the biker jewelry and among the most popular forms of ornaments are the skull rings. It is simply a ring with a skull on it. The skull rings can be made of gold, silver, metal and also be topped with a diamond. One of the popular skull rings are those with shiny stones. It is also famous among many celebrities worldwide, those that adore their precious value among the society.

One of the other biker jewelry includes exclusive arm and wrist bands. They can be made from materials such as glass plastic and even bone with the addition of spikes with a much cooler and eye catching look. One of the other and most popular types is piercing, which is most commonly found among male and female. Piercing is highly popular for a bikers lifestyle and mostly also for those who are into fashion, but are not bikers. Some examples of these piercings are earrings, tongue, lip rings, nose and belly rings. Piercing can be very painful, but still most people do not avoid it and enjoy the pain and on the other side some people do avoid piercing due to its pain.

There are many biker jewelry magazines available in shops at the market that keep the fashion trend current and common. If you are looking forward to buy limitless styles and design, you can buy them at online stores that are simple and time saving and also effective. At these sites, it is available in cheap prices as well as very high prices depending upon the quality and there is also shipping offers available in different sites that provide shipping worldwide. To purchase the biker jewelry in different exciting design doesn t mean that you have to be a biker for that. Biker jewelries are for those who want to express the freedom of style and gain popularity and for those who want to maintain their place in the fashion field.

About the Author: For some people their jewelry is not about style but more about power, class, aggression, rage, rebellion and attitude.

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July 22nd, 2015

‘Criminal in uniform’: Senior London policeman jailed for attempting to frame Iraqi

Monday, February 8, 2010 

Commander Ali Dizaei of London’s Metropolitan Police Service today became the most senior officer anywhere in the United Kingdom to be convicted of offences by a court. Dizaei, who was branded a “criminal in uniform” by Independent Police Complaints Commission chair Nick Hardwick, has been jailed for four years after he attempted to frame an Iraqi businessman.

It took a Southwark Crown Court jury under three hours to find Dizaei guilty of misconduct in a public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice. The charges carried a maximum of life imprisonment.

Dizaei, 47, who is head of the National Black Police Association, had gone to the Yas Persian restaurant, run by one of his friends, and taken his wife Shy with him. They then went to their car and struck up a conversation through its open window with the restaurant’s manager. During this conversation they were approached by Waad al-Baghdadi, an Iraqi website designer in his twenties. He requested that Dizaei pay £600 that he owed Baghdadi, who had constructed his website.

According to the Crown, this dispute had been ongoing for months and Dizaei had been attempting to intimidate Baghdadi. He told the Iraqi to depart when he entered the restaurant; although the businessman did, he stayed nearby and rang the 999 emergency number.

The exact content of the argument that led up to this is unclear. Dizaei and his wife testified that Baghdadi was abusive and threatening, telling the officer he would “extract the money out of your throat” while the owner of the Yas said he was “a crook basically… His history … everybody knows he’s not a good gentleman,” said owner Sohrab Eshragi. Eshragi said that the request Baghdadi leave the premises was due to concerns of trouble, claiming Baghdadi had been in a previous fight. Baghdadi denied the allegations and the court rejected Dizaei’s version of events.

While Baghdadi was making his emergency call, Dizaei arrested him and made a 999 call of his own. He requested assistence from other officers, and said that Baghdadi had assaulted him by stabbing his stomach with a shisha pipe. He maintained this account when police arrived and kept it up in written statements, but although Baghdadi was found to be carrying such a pipe examination of Dizaei’s wounds by a police doctor concluded he had inflicted them upon himself.

A Home Office pathologist questioned this finding for the defence. Dr. Nat Cary said it was based on a “fundamentally flawed approach,” and that the injuries were consistent with Dizaei’s version of events. He has helped investigate the assassination of former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto, and the death newspaper seller Ian Thomlinson, the latter of whom died during a G20 protest.

The Crown further alleged that Dizaei told Baghdadi “I’ll fuck your life… You think I don’t know what you do in London… I’ll find every single detail of your life in London.” The prosecution case was presented by Peter Wright QC, who has prosecuted in trials over serial murders of Suffolk sex workers and a plot to bomb transatlantic airliners. He said that Dizaei’s actions were a “wholesale abuse of power by a senior police officer for entirely personal and oblique motives.”

Judge Justice Simon said that Dizaei had committed a “grave breach of public trust” and told him “This sentence needs to send a clear message that police officers of whatever rank are not above the law.” A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said outside the court that “He abused his power and ignored his responsibility,” and that while corruption was unacceptable in any police officer it was particularly so in a senior member of the forces. “The public should have confidence that we will prosecute anyone, regardless of their position, if they commit serious offences. We believe justice has been served for the victim and the public.”

“[I]f he [Dizaei] had been successful, Mr al-Baghdadi may have been sent to prison,” noted Hardwick. “Mr al-Baghdadi has shown tremendous strength of character throughout this case ? from the moment he was confronted by Ali Dizaei, throughout our investigation, and finally when giving evidence at court. We are grateful for the confidence he placed in the IPCC and, as a result of that, justice has been done today.”

Dizaei has been a policeman for 24 years, and at one stage was rumoured to be destined to take control of the Metropolitan Police, although the Metropolitan Police Authority may now choose to end this career. His trial, which began this month, is his second this decade. He was prosecuted in 2003 but cleared of any wrongdoing. The incident with Baghdadi was in June 2008 and Dizaei has been suspended on full pay since September of that year. Hardwick said that “The greatest threat to the reputation of the police service is criminals in uniform like Dizaei.”

July 22nd, 2015

USPTO partially confirms validity of Amazon “1-click patent”

Tuesday, October 9, 2007 

Today, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an office action, which confirmed the patentability of claims 6 to 10 of the Amazon 1-Click patent, US 5,960,411. The patent examiner, however, rejected claims 1 to 5 and 11 to 15. Amazon now has up to six months to amend the rejected claims to overcome the examiner’s rejection, provide arguments to demonstrate that the examiner is in error and/or provide evidence to demonstrate the patentability of their claims. During this period, the entire patent is still considered valid under US patent law.

The USPTO is reconsidering the patentability of the claims due to a request for reexamination filed by New Zealander Peter Calveley. Mr. Calveley used internet archives to show that defunct company Digi Cash used a similar technique prior to Amazon. Despite costing a substantial sum of cash and requiring donations to prepare and file the request for reexamination, Calveley said he did it as a game and hopes that his success inspires others to play the same game.

“One Click” shopping is an ecommerce technique, which allows a customer to purchase products via the Internet without repeatedly entering personal information such as name and address. At the time it was introduced it eased the frustration of on-line shopping.

Amazon filed the patent application for 1-click shopping in early 1997 and was granted the patent in September 1999. 23 days later Amazon sued rival Barnes & Noble for alleged infringement by its “Express Lane” ordering which was introduced in 1998. In December 1999 Amazon won an interim injunction against Barnes & Noble but the USA Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit lifted this injunction in February 2001. The parties then settled their dispute for undisclosed terms. Amazon has since successfully licensed the technique to other e-sellers such as Apple.

July 22nd, 2015

FTC begins antitrust inquiry of Google

Saturday, June 25, 2011 

Google has confirmed that it has “received formal notification,” that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating its business practices. The acknowledgment was posted on the internet search engine company’s blog Friday. Google said it was unclear about the nature of the probe.

A broad FTC investigation would cause the company be tied up in defending itself for years, and according to Bloomberg, might well be the government’s biggest antitrust case since the Microsoft probe.

The FTC will likely launch an anti-trust investigation, as the company has been the target of many past smaller ones, according to CNN.

Mercury News reported Friday morning that the FTC review will probably focus on whether Google is using its dominance in the internet search business to promote its own products and services. Google’s rivals say Google unfairly profits from its monopoly in the search engine business by using its search services to point users of its internet search engine to its own sites and services while hiding links to its competitors.

The FCC probe is expected to determine if Google abuses it market dominance to promote moneymaking online marketing, such as its mapping, comparison shopping and travel services. According to CNN, “Google dominates search in the United States, controlling about two-thirds of the market, according to comScore. It also licenses the world’s largest smartphone operating system, and its share of U.S. display advertising revenue recently eclipsed long-time leader Yahoo.”

Google’s response is that most complaints of anticompetitive behavior come from companies who are displeased with their ranking in Google’s search engine. However, Joshua Wright, law professor at George Mason University said the FTC will be looking at possible harm to users and not complaints by Google’s competitors.

Melissa Maxman, co-chair of a Washington-based, antitrust practice group, said the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection unit will almost certainly be involved to see if Google deceives search engine users by screening search results to profit its own services. She said she would be “shocked” if the consumer protection unit was not involved.

Google Fellow Amit Singhal said in the post, “We respect the FTC’s process and will be working with them (as we have with other agencies) over the coming months to answer questions about Google and our services.” But Singhal acknowledged, “It’s still unclear exactly what the FTC’s concerns are, but we’re clear about where we stand. Since the beginning, we have been guided by the idea that, if we focus on the user, all else will follow.”

Bloomberg reported Friday: “Google has set aside $500 million for a U.S. government investigation into online pharmacy ads the company accepted that may have violated the law.”

Google’s efforts to improve privacy policies after last years’ determination that its social-networking service Google Buzz used deceptive tactics, are currently being overseen by the FTC.

June 4th, 2015

Affairs Admirable Architecture Rings With Ancillary Stones

Affairs Admirable Architecture Rings With Ancillary Stones



What Are Architecture Rings with Ancillary Stones?

Diamond ancillary stones rings are about Pendants wholesale china

rings with a centermost rock and a few abate stones active on the ancillary of the ring itself. These architecture rings are usually fabricated for assurance rings, marriage bands and such or they can be fabricated for added appropriate occasions. These rings with ancillary stones are generally an another to the added laid aback anchoress assurance rings that some humans acquisition too apparent for what they need.

YouTube Preview Image

There are a amount of sites that advertise these beautifully crafted rings for any occasion. In fact, you can accept your ring from the alternative of architecture ancillary rock rings fabricated for marriage bands and accord the ring as a allowance for some added occasion. The being who receives this ring charge not apperceive and will apparently still acknowledge the ring you bought, distinctively if it is a multi-stoned ring like those architecture rings that are accessible on a lot of adornment abundance sites.

Diamond Rings with Ancillary Stones for Assurance Rings

Some humans anticipate that the absolute assurance ring is the anchoress ring and they could be right, or they ability not apperceive how beautifully rings with ancillary stones attending as assurance rings. These kinds of rings are usually fabricated with one ample ring in the average of the design, usually set college than the added abate stones for a added admirable setting, and abate stones are lined beside it to accord the ring added sparkle. These architecture ancillary rock rings may even accept added gemstones as the ancillary stones for a altered address or appearance.

There are a amount of these architecture rings that accept either sapphires, emeralds, rubies or added semi-precious and adored stones as the ancillary stones for the design. These usually accord off a altered address as compared to the acceptable all rings with ancillary stones. You may even analysis the options with assurance rings UK for bigger choices.

The added accepted architecture rings with ancillary stones are usually those that are fabricated out of all precious stones about and these companies that advertise these adornment generally accept Pearl Pendants

a alternative of rings for those who wish them. There are a amount of architecture cuts that you can accept from for these rings and there are aswell a amount of ring designs and styles that accomplish admirable rings. You can even accept the cut of the rock to accept placed in the average of the ring with the ancillary stones actual as is, according to the architecture of the ring you choose.

These ancillary stones are usually anchored in the ring so their appearance is usually in the annular

Gold Pendants

that are the a lot of accepted shapes for abate diamonds

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June 4th, 2015

Frenchman climbs skyscraper in 20 minutes without any equipment

Tuesday, August 31, 2010  File:FrenchSpiderMan HongKong.jpg

48-year old Alain Robert, affectionately known as the ‘French Spiderman’, has climbed a 57-storey {[w|Sydney}} skyscraper without any equipment in 20 minutes. The purpose of Alain Robert’s actions was to raise awareness of global warming. Following the previous like events in other cities, he was arrested and will possibly be fined.

When Robert was 12, he climbed eight storeys to get into his flat instead of waiting for his parents to return. Since then, he has climbed over eighty buildings around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, The New York Times building, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. His hobby has, however, led to him being arrested and fined on multiple occasions—he was fined USD 750 after climbing the 41-storey Royal Bank of Scotland building in central Sydney.

His most recent climb, which he completed in twenty minutes, began at the bottom of the Lumiere building in Bathurst Street at 10:30am AEST on Monday morning. About 100 passers-by gathered to watch Robert, dressed in red trousers, a grey top, and a baseball cap, climb the building. Eleven-year-old Rachel Pepper was surprised when he saw Robert, who suffers from permanent vertigo after two accidents in 1982. “I think it’s amazing to climb that high without falling. He’s got superhuman strength.” His mother Wendy Pepper agreed, “It was a nice surprise when we turned the corner and got to see him.”

Upon reaching the top of the building, the Frenchman unfurled a banner advertising the website of The One Hundred Months campaign, which argues that 100 months after August 2008, climate change will reach an irreversible point, as onlookers applauded his feat. Robert was subsequently taken into custody at the top of the skyscraper, and charged with trespassing. Robert was granted conditional bail to appear at the Downing Centre Local Court on Friday. Robert’s agent, Max Markson, described the climb as a “wonderful achievement. He’s the best at what he does. I’m sad he’s been arrested, but hopefully he’ll get out soon.”

June 4th, 2015

Reports: Design flaw caused Minneapolis, Minnesota bridge to collapse

Thursday, August 9, 2007 

Investigators say that flaws in the design of the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota may have caused it to collapse and that the design flaw is not “unique” to the Minneapolis bridge.

According to an ongoing investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the flaw was found in the steel plates connected to girders, which are large support beams used in construction and connect the plates together. It is reported that extra stress from construction equipment might have caused the plates to separate, causing the bridge to collapse.

The flaw has not yet been confirmed to be the source of the disaster, and the NTSB says that the investigation could take several months to fully be completed.

At least six people were killed and at least eight are missing, whilst over 100 are injured after the bridge collapsed on August 1.

June 4th, 2015

Gorillaz Nominated for 5 Grammy Awards

Monday, December 12, 2005 

The smash hit “Demon Days” from cartoon concept band Gorillaz has been nominated for 5 Grammy Awards:

The other nominations for Record of the Year are “We Belong Together” by Mariah Carey, “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” by Green Day, “Hollaback Girl” by Gwen Stefani, and “Gold Digger” by Kanye West.