September 9th, 2017

Save Yourself Car Payments Undercoat Your Own Car}

Save Yourself Car Payments – Undercoat Your Own Car


Undercoating stops and prevents rust and keeps your car looking great. Its recommended for those planning on keeping their vehicle more than a couple of years It is a thrifty job in two ways.

You save the cost of having it done, and leave the body from rusting away.

Undercoating is an extra dollar that an auto dealership often tries to load onto you when you buy a new car. But you need not dig into your pocket for this extra. You can do the job yourself at a total cost that is a portion of what an auto repair shop will charge you.

Undercoating has two advantages. First and foremost, it will protect a card by preventing the rust that eats through a fender and through a car body. Secondly, sprayed or brushed into metal to metal cracks and crevices the black asphalt material will forestall many a squeak and rattle.

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Most people think of undercoating in connection with strictly a new car. However it is usually a job that pays dividends on a vehicle of any age. In fact it offers a means of curbing automobile metal rust that may have gained considerable headway on any used car or vehicle.

If you decide to undercoat your car, do so before washing and polishing since some spillage may occur.

First: Remove the Rust. Whether the car is new or old, all rust must be removed and the metal cleaned off before the undercoating goes in. Rust left under the coating would go right ahead with its damaging work. Work on the metal until it shines.

Cleaning comes first. Getting the grime off can be the most difficult part of the procedure.

Steam cleaning is probably the best way to prepare the car. If you can have this done. It will save you much effort and heartache. If not TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate) can be used to loosen up the grease. A wire brush can be utilized. TSP is an inexpensive crystalline salt available at most hardware stores such as Home Depot or Rona. Mix the TSP degreaser with hot water and daub it on grease areas with a sponge or cloth.

In doing this job it is important to know what to coat and what not to coat. Keep the material off moving parts, oil pan, brake lines, muffler, tail pipe, drive shaft etc etc. Apply it liberally, however under the fender and sills of the frame and under the floor. Under the fenders work it right out to the edge.

To get under the fenders you will have to remove the wheels. Unless the support is very stable, remove only one wheel at a time. It never hurts to play it safe.

Some undercoaters are inflammable, while wet. So work with good ventilation – and avoid smoking and open flames of course.

Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, or many tons of salt in this case.

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Save Yourself Car Payments – Undercoat Your Own Car }

Canada to legalise marijuana to ‘make it more difficult for kids to access’

Sunday, April 16, 2017

In order to put the cannabis drug (marijuana) out of reach of minors, the Canadian federal government announced a bill to legalise cannabis for the age group of eighteen and above, on Thursday. The bill would allow adults to possess cannabis publicly, previously a criminal offence.

Canada’s health minister Jane Philpott tweeted, “Today we tabled new legislation to legalise, strictly regulate, and restrict access to cannabis. Our goal: keep it out of the hands of youth, and profits out of the hands of criminals.” ((fr)) French language: Ajd nous avons déposé un nouveau projet de loi pour légaliser le cannabis, le réglementer de manière stricte et en restreindre l’accès. Notre objectif: garder le cannabis hors de la portée des jeunes, & les profits hors des mains des criminels. The Canadian government, via their official website, explained cannabis is available illegally, and their measures to stop it did not work. Criminal organisations are making money selling cannabis. Under-aged people can obtain the drug easily; they said, “it is easier for our kids to buy cannabis than cigarettes.”

The bill allows provinces and territories to set the age limit above eighteen. In order to prevent criminal gangs from making a profit, selling the drug needs a license permitting its sale. Adults can purchase the drug online from a licensed producer if a retail shop is not available in the province.

Adults can carry up to 30 g (slightly over an ounce) of cannabis and grow at most four cannabis plants at home, for personal use. The plants should be no taller than a metre, the bill proposed. Selling cannabis to minors would be a specific criminal offence.

The legislation requires parliamentary approval and royal assent. If passed, the bill would be under effect by July 2018, the government said. Health and safety experts and law enforcement were consulted before proposing the legislation. Except for medical purposes, possession of the drug remains illegal until the bill is passed. Regardless of the status of the bill, import and export of the drug would be illegal.

Previously when the government increased the taxes on cigarettes to discourage citizens from smoking, a black market for cigarettes developed.

Along with legalising cannabis, the bill would also permit the police officials to use tools like oral fluid drug screeners to detect if drivers are under the influence of the drug. Zero tolerance against drivers under influence of drugs is proposed. The government would also implement a public awareness campaign on the perils of driving under the influence of drugs.

The government still working on the restrictions. Lawmaker and former police chief Bill Blair said, “We do accept that more important work remains to be done.” If the bill is passed, Canada would be the second country to legalise cannabis completely. Uruguay is the first. Some countries, such as Germany, allow medical use of cannabis, but recreational use is prohibited.

Microsoft extends warranty for all Xbox 360s

Saturday, December 23, 2006

On December 22, 2006 Microsoft has announced that it has extended its warranty for all Xbox 360 video game consoles to one year in the United States. While this one year warranty applies to all Xbox 360 software as well, Xbox 360 accessories will still carry their original 90 day warranty.

According to a statement by Microsoft:

“Customers that experience hardware issues with their Xbox 360 within one year of purchase will have their consoles repaired at no cost. Moreover, the new warranty policy is retroactive, so consumers that may have already paid for out-of-warranty Xbox 360 repair within one year of the console’s purchase will be eligible for reimbursement of their console repair charges.”

This extension should help ease customers’ minds who have been concerned with the Xbox 360’s reputation for hardware failures. A partial list of hardware issues can be found here:

People who have paid for Xbox 360 repair will be automatically distributed a reimbursement check in about 10 weeks from the present date.

Previously in September, 2006, Microsoft had waived the cost for repairs on all Xbox 360 consoles made before January 1, 2006, and refunded any fees already paid.

A full description of the updated warranty can be found here:

US announces revised limits on use of nuclear weapons

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

US President Barack Obama today announced a revamp of a policy that dictates the conditions under which nuclear weapons would be used by the United States.

The Nuclear Posture Review, which was published on Tuesday, now completely rules out the use of nuclear weapons by the US in response to an attack using chemical, biological, or conventional weapons. The new document says that the US will use nuclear weapons only in “extreme circumstances,” although it did not specify what those circumstances would be. It also commits the US to not develop new nuclear warheads, although the country’s arsenal of conventional (non-nuclear) weapons will be maintained.

The document does, however, contain two major caveats. Only countries that comply with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty are subject to the new limitations, meaning that India, Israel, North Korea, and Pakistan would be exempt from the limitations, as these countries are non-parties to the treaty, and Iran would be except while in violation of the treaty. Also, the new strategy will maintain the option of reconsidering the pledge not to use nuclear weapons in retaliation to a biological attack, but only if it was judged that such technology had reached a point where the US was vulnerable to such an attack.

The revised strategy is expected to be controversial among both conservatives and liberals, who have, respectively, argued against reducing the power of nuclear weapons and advocated for a pledge to never initiate nuclear warfare. Obama called the new plan one that would enable the US to “move towards less emphasis on nuclear weapons” and that would “make sure that our conventional weapons capability is an effective deterrent in all but the most extreme circumstances.”

Obama held an interview at the White House about the new plans, in which he called the new strategy “a series of graded options.” He also said that “I’m going to preserve all the tools that are necessary in order to make sure that the American people are safe and secure.”

September 5th, 2017

Fox Mowing Qld Gardening Services Will Help You Achieve Better Results}

Submitted by: LAZICH LEO

Fox Mowing QLD is offering a wide variety of services such as: Lawn Care, Fertilizing, Garden care, Weed Control, Maintenance, and Landscaping etc. Watering your garden is very important. You can find information about various methods of watering: amount of water and frequency of watering. When you plan the watering of your garden you have to consider: type of plant, climate, soil condition, and different times of the year.

Plant Type

The type of plant is very important as it will dictate the amount of water you will need. Drought-tolerant plants normally can store and retain water better than the plants that are not drought tolerant. You also need to be careful with over-watering the plants because you can damage the root system if you do that.


Climate can have a major impact on a plant. For example if you live in a place where the temperatures are over 30-40 degrees you will have to take care about your plants in a different way than if you live in a place that has a bit lower temperatures.


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Soil, of course is important for the plant. For example, if your plants are on a sandy soil they will need more water because the sand as we know dry outs faster than any other type of soil.


We all know that the seasons can have an impact on watering of a plant. Every destination or place has its own seasons from hot summer to frosty winters. So in order to have a good watering strategy you should just check your soil and plants from time to time to check if they really need the watering.

Here the best Gardening Franchise Businesses services that will help you to achieve better results:

Drought Protection

The best drought protection that you can use are selecting plants and shading plants.

Selecting plants is a strategy that consists of thinking ahead in a way that you should just place plants suited to warm and dry environments in your garden.

Shading plants This strategy is considering an option of putting your plants on containers with wheels in order to move them into cooler places.

Mulching and Re-mulching

Mulch is an organic material that covers ground. Mulch is generally made of leaf fall or dead leaves.

Mulch should be a part of every Gardening Franchise Opportunities. You can use decorative mulch to bright things up and to provide strong color and texture contrasts. Here is why you need to mulch:

Water retention, Weed prevention, Temperature Regulation, Nutrient Boosting, Structure.

There are several types of mulch like Organic and Inorganic.

Organic mulch often consists of dry leaves, straw and woodchips while Inorganic mulch is mostly rocks and pebbles.


Pruning is a very important part of the garden. Pruning should be performed when plants finish blooming for the season. You should be careful about dead or diseased stems or leaves because they can spread the disease to other plants.

About the Author: Leo Lazich is a Franchisor of Fox Mowing for QLD in Australia. Welcome to the Fox Mowing and Gardening website. We here at Fox Mowing QLD are pretty passionate about our work and what we can offer potential franchisees in the Queensland State.Visit Here For More Information :


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Fires out at the Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

After two days, the 2005 Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal fire has finally been extinguished.

The fires began after a series of explosions early on the morning of 11 December 2005. The terminal, known locally as the Buncefield Depot, is an oil storage facility located near Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. These were some of the largest explosions ever to occur in the country and the incident has been described as the biggest of its kind in peacetime Europe.

The Hertfordshire Fire Service chief Roy Wilsher said: “There are still some small bund (concrete container) fires, but the tanks are out.”

Fire crews would remain at the scene over the next few days cooling the area to ensure fires did not break out again, he said.

A few residents are being allowed to return to their homes within an exclusion zone set up around the site.

Transport for London wins first Anti-Social Behaviour Order against graffiti vandal

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Billy Murrell, a persistent graffiti vandal from South East London, has become the first recipient of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) granted to Transport for London (TfL) by Greenwich Magistrates. The civil order also bans him from the top deck of buses throughout England and Wales for three years.

Murrell, a 17-year-old from Plumstead, has a history of convictions for criminal damage on public transport, including vandalising a Tube carriage in Brixton station and for damaging buses and other public property using marker pens.

This is Transport for London’s first Anti-Social Behaviour Order against a graffiti vandal — TfL was granted the power to apply for Asbos by the Home Secretary in September 2006.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Order was issued at Greenwich Magistrates Court on 12 September and also bans him from carrying any permanent marker pens or any glass cutting equipment on London Underground, railway property or any other transport provider’s property.

Metropolitan and Transport police have been made aware of Murrell’s Asbo, and have distributed his photo.

In detail, Murrell is prohibited from:

  • Entering any depot, siding or other part of London Underground property or railway property or any transport providers property which is not expressly open to the public whether on payment or otherwise throughout England and Wales
  • Carrying the following articles, in any area specified (above) or in any public place, namely any form of unset paint in any form of container, any form of permanent marker pen, any form of shoe dye or permanent ink in any form of container, any form of paint stripper in any form of container, any form of grinding stone, glass cutting equipment, glass etching solution or paste, throughout England and Wales
  • Aiding, abetting, counselling or encourage any person who was attempting or committing any form of unlawful damage towards any property not belonging to or under the direct authorised control of the defendant throughout England and Wales
  • Travelling on the top deck of the any public transport bus within England and Wales

If without reasonable excuse the defendant does anything which he is prohibited from doing by this order, he shall be liable to a detention and training order, which has a maximum term of 24 months – 12 months of which is custodial and 12 months in the community

Upon turning 18 he will be liable to imprisonment up to five years.

Australian police seize one tonne shipment of ecstacy

Friday, April 15, 2005 Police in Melbourne have seized over a tonne of ecstacy in a shipment of tiles from Italy. Four were arrested on Thursday and early Friday relating to the shipment, which the Australian Federal Police has called the biggest shipment of street-ready ecstacy pills in the world.

The four men were charged with aiding and abetting a prohibited import, according to ABC radio. Five million tablets were seized, with a reported street value of US$190 million (AU$250m). Two were additionally charged with attempting to possess a prohibited import.

Federal police were continuing to investigate a crime ring behind the shipment, a spokesperson told

Federal Agent Mike Phelan said: “The AFP is now working with its counterparts in Italy and other parts of Europe to identify any overseas links with this latest seizure.”

X-rays taken of the shipment, which arrived in Port Melbourne earlier in the week, had revealed anomalies inside eight pallets which were stacked with tiles, said a report from Australian Associated Press.

Police then monitored the shipping container until it was delivered on Thursday to a suburban Melbourne factory, where two men were arrested, according to the report. Agents searched a dozen homes and businesses across Melbourne and arrested two more men early on Friday. All four suspects were due to appear in court later on Friday.

Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison praised the AFP, the Australian Customs Service and the Australian Crime Commission involved in the operation, which he told Australian Associated Press had been ongoing since January.

“This big seizure sends a very clear message to those who want to traffic drugs to Australia, you will be caught and face very serious penalties,” Senator Ellison told the news agency, saying the shipment “could have wreaked havoc”.

“Anyone who says this sort of seizure does not slow the supply of drugs is quite obviously out of touch with reality.”

The previous largest Australian ecstasy haul occurred in November 2004 in Sydney, when 1,800 pounds of ecstasy tablets and powder were seized, Australian Federal Police (AFP) told Reuters, compared to this shipment’s weight of 2,240 pounds.

September 1st, 2017

The Popularity Of Coleman Campers}

Submitted by: M. Xavier

Pop up campers have been a mainstay on campgrounds for decades, and for good reason. Campers offer many advantages that are unique and cannot be had in larger RV’s (recreation vehicles) or in traditional tent camping. A pop up camper takes camping to a new level by providing all the comforts of home, such as a kitchen, refrigerator, stove, oven, air conditioning, heat, beds, seating, and bathrooms, to name more than a few.

Amenities like these are simply impossible to have when you are confined to a tent. On the other hand, a larger RV has room for all the comforts of a pop up camper with room to spare for more, but they have their drawbacks as well. RVs are extremely large and can be both difficult and intimidating to drive. Further, they can not be parked in conventional parking lots, and city driving is simply out of the question. Add to that their low fuel economy, high price tag, and the space required to store them when they are not in use, and it is no wonder that many campers opt for a different option such as pop up campers. And when it comes to pop up campers, one name has stood out from the rest for decades: Coleman Campers.

Coleman Campers known as Fleetwood, or Fleetwood Coleman since a 1989 licensing agreement merged the two brands offer the top of the line in pop up campers. Pop up campers have enjoyed a lasting popularity due to their affordable price, ease of storage (they collapse into a much smaller footprint when not in use), and their ability to be towed by an existing vehicle rather than requiring their own engine, like a full sized RV. But not all pop up campers are created equal, and Coleman Campers have earned their place at the top for good reason.

Coleman has long been the top name in camping supplies, and it is their experience in the camping business that helps them deliver a product that meets their customers needs while exceeding expectations. The current line of Coleman Campers has a model for nearly every need and budget. The top of the line Highlander series has a list of features that reads like one you would find on the sticker of a luxury motor home.

At over twenty-six feet in length when opened, the highlander models have a full sized galley complete with plenty of counter space, a refrigerator-freezer, stove, oven, microwave, and everything else a galley needs. When you add a fully functioning solid-wall bathroom and shower, and two generous sleeping areas, it becomes obvious why the fleet of Coleman Campers is led by the Highlander.

The top selling Americana model offers many of the same highlights as the Highlander, but in a smaller scale, less weight, and lower price tag. Similarly, the Americana model is the most affordable of the offerings in the current fleet of Coleman Campers. Naturally, as the prices go down so does the size of the camper. Further, while many of the amenities and features remain the same, they tend to become more utilitarian and less posh in the lower priced models.

The aforementioned models of Coleman Campers are designed for travel on level and paved roads, and they are designed to be towed to campgrounds. Simply put, they aren’t designed to handle rough terrain. If your pleasure revolves around remote, off road camping, then the Evolution model has your name written all over it.

Designed to be rugged and strong, the Evolution keeps going when the roads stop, and it does so with all the quality and features that you would expect from Coleman Campers. And if motor sports are what draws you to the open spaces, then the Scorpion model can bring you and all your toys to your destination. With a twelve foot cargo area that is part of the camper trailer, there is plenty of room for your motorcycles, quad runners, or whatever else you like to ride.

No matter what you look for in a camper, Coleman Campers have a model that is sure to fit your budget and needs. Packed with everything you need to relax and enjoy your time with nature, Coleman Campers prove that they are number one for a reason.

About the Author: For more information on campers, try visiting – a website that specializes in providing camper related tips, advice and resources to include information on

Coleman campers.


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50,000 people refuse evacuation after flooding in India caused by river changing course

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Kosi River changed course one week ago to a path which it has not taken for over 100 years. While 900,000 people were evacuated by rescue workers, new data has revealed that 50,000 people, from the town of Saharsa, have refused to leave their homes.

Advertisements in local newspapers have been used to encourage the people who are still remaining in the area to leave soon. People are encouraged to go to one of many camps, which are funded by the government, to seek refuge from the continued flooding.

People have also started to return to their homes, due to the fact that they have seen the water level drop by over half of a metre in some areas. This is despite statements by officials emphasizing that people may need to stay in the camps for up to six months.

Approximately 1.2 million people are estimated to have had their homes flooded by the disaster. 42 people have been confirmed dead, although The Australian has reported that the actual death toll is likely to be much higher.

The incident started when gushing waters quickly overflowed the channel boundaries on both sides at a rate of about 200 meters per day, flooding vast tracts in Supaul, Araria, Saharsa, Madhepura, Purnia, Katihar, parts of Khagaria and northern parts of Bhagalpur, as well as adjoining regions of Nepal. About 2.7 million people are affected by this flood disaster of massive dimensions, with about 900,000 people in the affected areas having moved to 285 relief camps and 249 health centers. An estimated 100,000 are still trapped in various villages without food or drinking water since several days ago when the crisis began.

During the last 250 years, the Kosi has moved its path up to 150km westward on multiple occasions, leaving behind a series of paleochannels. The river is a tributary of the Ganges, with catchment areas in the Nepal Himalayas, one of the fastest rising mountain chains, flowing through a 150-kilometer wide and 180-kilometer long alluvial fan. Fast silting of the channels by the tons of annuvium brought down by the river makes it drift off so often that it is often cited as one of the text book examples of a dynamic river system to geologists.