May 27th, 2017

What Is The Law Governing Skip Hire?

Submitted by: Jacynth Twila

When you use a skip rental business, did you know there are laws governing wherever the skip is placed, what can be place into it, and other essential problems? In buy to maintain yourself from incurring heavy fines, it really is finest to know these laws and abide by them. Here are some of these laws and what you can do to make positive you aren’t topic to the fines.Placement of the SkipIf you are going to be putting the skip on your home, there is no permit necessary. However, if you will be placing the skip on the roadway or on pavement, you will be essential to get a allow to do so. You can apply for this permit by way of your neighborhood council, or most of the reliable skip hire businesses will secure these permits for you. Nonetheless, it may get in between 3 and 5 days for approval.Watch What You Place In the SkipThere are numerous things that can not be put into a skip. Some of them are typical sensation, which other individuals you may possibly not have thought of. If you have the following items to dispose of, you may possibly phone your skip hire organization in buy to see if they can support you obtaining somebody to consider treatment of these sorts of Refrigerators 2. Freezers three. Tires four. Batteries 5. Oil, solvents, or paint six. Light bulbs 7. Televisions 8. Fuel bottles 9. Any other hazardous wasteThere are certain laws relating to the disposal of the earlier mentioned items and your skip hire businesses should be ready to support you if you are not sure if an item or substance can be positioned in the skip.Do not Overfill ItAnother dilemma that has triggered new rules is that individuals often overfill their skip. This can result in considerable troubles if products are constantly falling out. You can be accountable for any hurt caused as properly. Get in touch with your skip hire company to have it emptied.Fly-TippingThis is becoming a frequent practice and it can end up costing you money. Fly-tipping refers to the practice of someone sneakily placing trash or other products in your skip. You might wake up a single morning to discover you skip is full of a number of the over outlined illegal products. The only way you can avoid this is to sit subsequent to your skip at all periods. This, of course, is not useful, but you may possibly want to maintain an eye on what is in your skip, relatively than get hit with a fine.Make Positive Your Company is RegisteredAs of 2005 all householders are now accountable for guaranteeing that their skip hire firm is an authorized carrier. If you use a skip hire firm that is not registered as an authorized Environmental Company business, then you may be fined. The very good can be up to &pound5000. This signifies that if when your skip hire company hauls off your rubbish and disposes of it illegally, you are accountable.So how can you inform if your skip hire firm is reliable? When you phone to request support or request a quote, ask for the company’s Waste Carrie Number. If you are not offered with a single, do not use their services. If you are provided the Waste Carrier range, be positive you validate it. This can be accomplished a single of two techniques. You can phone the Environment Company and consult for a Waste Carrier validation examine. You may possibly also check out on-line at the Atmosphere Company internet site.Closing ThoughtsBy subsequent the over tips on complying with the laws governing skips, you will be ready to avoid paying out those heavy fines. Observe what is placed in your skip, be certain your company is registered, get a permit if you need one, and do not overfill it. This will maintain your money in your pocket.

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11 Japanese hospitals receive bomb threats

Monday, September 5, 2005

Tokyo, Japan — Eleven university hospitals in Tokyo have been threatened with bombings, within 45 days, unless they double admissions quotas to their medical schools for the next academic year. The University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, and Keio University Hospital are among the threatened institutions.

Police said that the letters all appear to come from the same source but they have not released the actual letters yet. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is investigating, but nothing suspicious has been found at the hospitals.

Security has increased ahead of an upcoming September 11 general election.

Médecins Sans Frontières warns of emerging crisis in eastern Chad

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The non-governmental aid organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders, warned of a humanitarian crisis developing in the eastern region of Chad in central Africa, issued a press release Friday.

Chad, which shares part of its eastern border with Sudan, has been the recipient of refugees fleeing conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan. In addition to the estimated 234,000 Sudanese refugees it manages, Chad now has an estimated 150,000 internally displaced persons, or IDPs, fleeing from attacks on villages in the eastern region where the government of Chad has been fighting an insurgency, which it claims was supported in the past by Sudan.

The Chadian IDPs are set up in rudimentary camps, lacking basic necessities such as food, water and proper shelter. According to a May, 2007 report by MSF’s research and epidemiological survey centre, 20 percent of children in camps near Goz Beida were suffering from acute malnutrition and “catastrophic” mortality rates.

MSF complained of obstacles encountered in their effort to provide medical assistance to the needy. “In Goz Beida, the IDPs receive three to eight litres of water per person per day, whereas they should have 20 litres,” said Franck Joncret, MSF Head of Mission in Chad. Approximately 100 children are receiving treatment for malnutrition, while MSF estimated the number of acutely malnourished children to be greater than 2,000. “This policy of rationed aid for IDPs is unacceptable,” complained Joncret.

In April, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) initiated a three month intervention for the Chadian camps, which MSF described as “inadequate”. MSF also complained that they have not been given approval to open a paediatric hospital in Goz Beida to help deal with the malnutrition.

In the near term, MSF anticipated an increase in malaria and epidemic diarrhoeal diseases along with an dramatic increase in malnutrition cases. To help avert a humanitarian crisis, MSF pleaded for increased hospital capacity, a safe water supply for the camps, and the cooperation necessary to deal with malnutrition.

“It is imperative that the emergency in eastern Chad be fully recognised, that aid organisations provide massive, immediate aid to the IDPs and that the Chadian authorities facilitate humanitarian aid,” said Isabelle Defourny, manager of MSF programmes in Chad. The government of Chad has said it would agree to a UN police presence, but not a military force, in its eastern regions.

US government shutdown averted in last-minute deal

Saturday, April 9, 2011

US lawmakers have reached a last-minute deal to avoid a government shutdown, which would have begun at 12:00 EDT (04:00 UTC) Saturday. The agreement, announced just one hour before the shutdown was to occur, includes US$38.5 billion in budget reductions.

“Behind me through the window you can see the Washington Monument. […] Tomorrow, I’m pleased to announce the Washington Monument as well as the entire federal government will be open for business,” said US President Barack Obama of the deal, which was reached only after several days of discussion. Earlier on Friday, US legislators deflected claims that a midnight deal was being worked out, but Republican Party sources later reported that a deal was likely to be reached.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (Republican-Ohio) announced late Friday night that he was glad that both political parties were able to “come to an agreement that will in fact cut spending and keep [the US] government open.” The deal was apparently reached after disputes over government funding for organizations such as Planned Parenthood were resolved. Boehner said both sides decided on a six-day extension, or “bridge,” of government funding, which would allow Congress to work out a final solution to last the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year, which ends in September. Voting for the resulting agreement will take place some time next week, according to Boehner.

The last complete US government shutdown occurred in 1995, during the administration of Bill Clinton, lasting five days; it was proceeded by a 21-day partial shutdown. In the event of a government shutdown, essential federal employees are still required to work, but nonessential personnel are placed on unpaid furloughs. Essential staff include military personnel, air traffic controllers, emergency officials, and intelligence officials.

March 19th, 2017

Lcsw Exams Study Guides}

Submitted by: Michael Pappas

Question: 1

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Text-revised, 5th Edition (DSM-5) is utilized by professionals to diagnose psychiatric disorders. Unlike previous versions of the DSM, it does not use a multi-axis model for diagnosis. Which DSM-IV-TR axis had its criteria modified and included in the DSM-5, but not in the list of disorders?

A. Axis I

B. Axis III

C. Axis IV

D. Axis V

Answer: C

Explanation: The criteria of Axis IV were modified and included in the DSM-5 as psychosocial and other contextual issues with significant bearing on the well-being of the patient. Axes I and III were folded in with Axis II in the list of disorders. Axis V was dropped completely.

Question: 2

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention states that up to 50% of all people who commit suicide have had failed past attempts. Traumatic life events that cause a significant amount of stress and clinical depression are known to be major risk factors behind for suicide. Which of the following is not likely to be a risk factor for suicide?

A. Family history of mental disorde

B. Incarceration

C. Chronic physical illness

D. Family diversity

Answer: D

Explanation: Research shows that 90% of all suicides were by individuals suffering from clinical depression or other mental disorders. Substance abuse is usually an additional factor to an already unstable diagnosis. Warning signs that someone is contemplating suicide may include: risk-taking

ehavior, talking about death, changing a will, and losing interest in things one cares about. Family diversity has not been shown to be a significant issue related to suicide.

Question: 3

Alyson was recently given a promotion at work that has increased the caseload of clients she sees on a daily basis. Long hours have led to conflicts with her family life at home. Alyson feels frustrated and pressured, but needs the extra money. Also, if she asks for a demotion, this would reduce her social status within the employment agency. Alyson is currently dealing with what kind of stress?

A. Conflict resolution

B. Developmental

C. Biopsychosocial

D. Homeostasis

Answer: C

Explanation: The biopsychosocial model of stress involves events within the environment that lead to the recognition of stress. Common stressors in this model fall within four main topics: work, social/family, personal and the environment. Biopsychosocial stress affects self-esteem, social status, and self-worth.

Question: 4

A clinical social worker is providing services to a woman diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She experiences frequent manic episodes that include motor hyperactivity, elation, poor judgment, pressured speech and hostility. To try and bring about normalization of symptoms, what is the best choice for medication?

A. Effexo

B. Citalopram

C. Adderall

D. Lithium

Answer: D

Explanation: Lithium is used as an anti-mania medication for individuals suffering from Affective Disorder, Bipolar, and Mania. Studies have demonstrated that lithium alters sodium transport in muscle and nerve

cells. Patients given this medication will feel relief of symptoms and demonstrate normalcy within 1 to 3 weeks. A drug more commonly prescribed is Depakote, due to the need for ongoing blood level tests with Lithium. Antidepressants can trigger mania and do not work very well.

Question: 5

Clinical social workers use assessment as an ongoing process with client participation. The purpose is to understand people in relation to their environment through planning, improving and changing. Professionals learn to develop an understanding of particular social problems, kinds of solutions and possible consequences. Most social workers define assessment in relation to the five stages of framework. Which of the following demonstrates this theory?

A. Data collection, utilizing the data, environmental behavior, outcome, and consequence

B. Planning, weighing the data, utilizing the analysis, emotional outcome, and consequence

C. Preparation, data collection, weighing the data, analyzing the data, and utilizing the analysis

D. Constructing data analysis, planning, analyzing the data, behavior modification, and empowerment

Answer: C

Explanation: The five stages of assessment framework include preparation, data collection, weighing the data, analyzing the data, and utilizing the data. The first stage is important for determining what data will be relevant and what the limits are on task. As the data is collected, weighed and analyzed, it comes down to the final stage of judgment by the clinical social worker.

Question: 6

The goal in therapy is to build ego strength and ensure a stable identity within the client. Ego strength is defined as the capacity to cope despite adversity. Examples include: impulse control, affect-tolerant, frustration-tolerance, and resistance to aggression. What common test is utilized to determine characteristics and emotional functioning of clients?

A. Neuropsychological

B. Rorschach

C. Aptitude

D. Intelligence

Answer: B

Explanation: The Rorschach Test is utilized in diagnosing underlying thought disorders and psychotic thinking. There are 10 official inkblot cards that a client describes. Results are based on what is observed, contents of the response, client comments, and how much time is spent on each card. The results are interpreted using research data on personality characteristics.

Question: 7

One test stands out as the most widely used personality assessment. It was developed in the late 1930s and mental health professionals find it quite accurate for diagnosing mental illness. The test is often used in court cases that include custody disputes and criminal offenses. Treatment programs will test their clients with this tool to determine effectiveness. Which exam is being described?


B. Psychodynamic assessment

C. DSM-5

D. Rorschach

Answer: A

Explanation: The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is composed of 567 test questions. Professionals with specific training administer, score and interpret the results. The MMPI-2 can be given individually or in groups, designed for individuals over the age of 18. It is the most researched psychological test in existence.

Question: 8

Geriatrics focuses on the promotion of health and prevention of disease or disability in older adults. To assess the needed level of care, a team approach is often utilized. Trained professionals skilled in caring for the elderly work together in preparing an evaluation. These often include: nurses, social workers, nutritionists, and physical therapists. What is the team not considering in their assessment?

A. Medical history

B. Activities of daily living

C. Support systems

D. Individual problems

Answer: D

Explanation: The team approach to geriatrics looks at the individual holistically. Many aspects are taken into account that may overlap into one another. Each member of the team is a skilled health professional that each plays an important role in assessing the care of older individuals.

Question: 9

A clinical social worker meets with a family to gather information that will help identify patterns of parental behavior, both positive and negative, over time. The familys strengths are distinguished to determine protective factors that aid in identifying resources helpful to meeting the households needs. Overall requirements are addressed that affect the permanency and safety of the children. Information gathered through other assessments is also used to help develop a service plan or plan for intervention. What kind of evaluation is being described?

A. Initial assessment

B. Safety assessment

C. Environmental assessment

D. Comprehensive family assessment

Answer: D

Explanation: The comprehensive family assessment gathers all background information on its members and evaluates the home environment. Contributing factors are discussed, such as domestic violence, lack of employment, alcohol/drug usage, and educational background. A clinical social worker will also collect information on who lives in the home and the parents culture, health and finances.

Question: 10

Phillip is a 24-year-old male who has been in prison on four different occasions. His criminal record includes domestic assault on a girlfriend, stealing a car, setting fire to an abandoned warehouse and drug use. Phillips acts were not premeditated, and he claims to have little control over his actions. What disorder might a clinical social worker set out to treat?

A. Anger management

B. Destructive personality disorde

C. Impulse control disorde

D. Lack of self-esteem

Answer: C

Explanation: Phillip suffers from impulse control disorder. This problem is defined as a failure to resist spontaneous acts or behaviors that may be detrimental to self or others. The actions are not considered in advance and may include gambling, violence, sexual misconduct, stealing and self-abusive behavior.

Question: 11

The nations leading medical problem is not cancer, lung or heart disease. The problem has definite causes and effects on one in five adult Americans. Research suggests genetic, neurological, biochemical, psychological and environmental origins. What condition is being described?

A. Hearing loss

B. Vision loss

C. Mental illness

D. Physical disability

Answer: C

Explanation: More than 57 million Americans, or about one in four adults, suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. The sooner symptoms are recognized the better. Individuals in fear of losing control of their lives require help. Symptoms to look for include: depression, excessive sleeping, deterioration of relationships, unusual behavior, social withdrawal and the inability to express feelings.

Question: 12

Persistent unhappiness, loss of appetite, changes in sleep patterns, withdrawal and a decrease in energy are all symptoms of what mental illness?

A. Chronic fatigue syndrome

B. Depression

C. Bi-polar disorde

D. Alter-ego

Answer: B

Explanation: Depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, frustration, loss and ange

interfere with day-to-day life for an extended period of time. Low self-esteem and anger are common. The degree of depression may be mild, moderate or severe, determining the amount of treatment required by a professional.

Question: 13

Once a clinical social worker has assessed a client, they together formulate a document to address issues that the assessment has identified. This document is called a

A. Contract

B. Collaboration

C. Treatment Plan

D. Leading Guide

Answer: C

Explanation: A treatment plan identifies in a concrete way what goals the client and social worker will work in what order, using what methods, and by what target dates. It is also the document most insurance companies, courts, agencies, and anyone else require who might have interest in the outcome of treatment for the client.

Question: 14

When developing a functioning service plan to maintain safety and permanence within a family structure, what type of assessment should be utilized?

A. Individual assessment

B. Group assessment

C. Family-centered assessment

D. Child welfare assessment

Answer: C

Explanation: Family-centered assessment helps identify needs, strengths and resources to determine the best possible assistance for a family. The family unit is seen as a whole and full participation is expected.

Question: 15

A clinical social worker meets with the Robertson family to determine parental behavior by completing a comprehensive family assessment. Information will be collected on who lives in the home, health history, employment and stability. Which of the following possible contributing factors should the social worker consider?

A. Social Skills

B. Bank Account

C. Education

D. Sibling Status

Answer: C

Explanation: When completing a comprehensive family assessment, the clinical social worker should consider possible contributing factors, including domestic violence, alcohol/drug usage, educational background, and employment status. All of these concerns are addressed to ensure the permanency and safety of the children. A clinical social worker cannot determine a working service plan without this information.

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Four people shot in parking lot of Wal-Mart store north of Austin, Texas

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Witnesses heard gunshots in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Cedar Park, Texas, near Highway 183, on Sunday morning. Police arrested eighteen year-old Soloman Onwukaife at the scene. Four, including the gunman who had facial wounds unrelated to the shooting, are being treated for injuries after the incident. A fifth victim has been released.

Cedar Park Police Captain Mike Harmon said authorities arrived at the parking lot around 4:30 AM local time. There they arrested Onwukaife, who has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The Cedar Park Wal-Mart was closed down briefly on Sunday morning; however, no staff or customers were injured.

Police have released the names of the victims, eighteen-year-old Cody McGrath, nineteen-year-old Shayne Davis, nineteen-year-old Zacharia Gietl and 22-year-old Leland McGlocklin. As-of Monday, Gietl has been released from hospital whilst the others remain in critical, but stable, condition. Police informed media the incident occurred follwing a dispute which began at a nearby party where alcohol was being served. After moving the fight to the parking lot, Onwukaife is alleged to have shot the four victims.

Onwukaife was expected to be released on Monday, after which he would immediately be jailed. Police advised media the investigation is on-going and more charges may still be filed. Specifically, Police are trying to determine if any other participants in the fight were armed.

American Samoa received eight minutes warning before 2009 tsunami

Friday, September 24, 2010

People in American Samoa were given only eight minutes warning that a tsunami, which killed 32 people in the unincorporated territory, resulting from the 2009 Samoa earthquake, was approaching. A report published by the United States Congress admits that the warning was issued sixteen minutes after the 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck Samoa. The tsunami killed nearly 200 people in American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga.

The report, written by the National Research Council, describes the length of time between the earthquake and the initial tsunami warning being issued as “relatively long”, and states that the standard time for such a warning to be issued to be around two minutes. The study also revealed that one third of tsunami sensors are not working at any given time.

John Orcutt, a [seismologist and head of the committee that wrote the report, described the delay as a “major concern”, but he also said that “a large number of people” in American Samoa “didn’t understand and there were lives that were lost because people simply didn’t take the action to get away from the shore when they felt this huge earthquake. People have to understand the signs of a tsunami and head to higher ground.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, whose purpose is to coordinate the response to a disaster that has occurred in the United States and that overwhelms the resources of local and state authorities, and the Government of American Samoa did not respond to e-mails regarding the news.

The study also notes that people living in other coastal cities around the world are at risk of being unprepared for tsunamis that arrive soon after the earthquake occurs, stating that in many places, warnings might not be issued in time. “If the source were so close to shore that only minutes were available before the tsunami reached the coast, the public would need to recognize natural [signs of a tsunami approaching].” The report states that when they fear a tsunami is imminent, people should know to evacuate even “without official warnings.”

The report warns that because tsunamis are so rare, people living near the coast do not know what to do, but it also criticises authorities for not informing citizens of how to react when a tsunami is approaching. “Everybody thought that the tsunami was a single wave, and once the expected landfall time came and left, they thought it was over,” said Costas Synolakis, who is director of the Tsunami Research Center at the University of Southern California, and one of the report’s authors. He continued, “In fact, tsunamis are a series of waves that can last for three to four hours.”

He said that the United States must take action, training first responders in low-lying coastal areas, and adding more tsunami sensors to give advance warning of approaching waves. Synolakis added that, after receiving warning that there may have been a tsunami on the way after the Chile earthquake earlier this year, the response of firefighters at the Port of Los Angeles was poor because they were unfamiliar with how to deal with such a threat.

In the capital of American Samoa, Pago Pago, the tsunami measured 1.57 meters in height. The superintendent of the National Park of American Samoa Mike Reynolds reported four waves as high as six meters. People who experienced the quake said it was long, lasting from 90 seconds to three minutes. “Pago Pago city streets were strewn with overturned vehicles, cars, and debris. Some buildings located only slightly above sea level were completely destroyed by the waves, and power in some locations is not expected to be restored for up to a month,” Wikinews reported at the time.

Didi Afuafi, 28, who was riding on a bus in American Samoa when the tsunami struck, described her experiences. “I was scared. I was shocked. All the people on the bus were screaming, crying and trying to call their homes. We couldn’t get on cell phones. The phones just died on us. It was just crazy,” she said. “This is going to be talked about for generations.” U.S. President Barack Obama said of the disaster: “My deepest sympathies are with the families who lost loved ones and many people who have been affected by the earthquake and the tsunami.”

The people of American Samoa will, next Wednesday, according to a press release by the government, “hold island-wide services to honor the memories of the 34 loved ones who lost their lives” during the tsunami. Church services will be held at 6:00 a.m., followed at 6:48 a.m.—the time when the earthquake occured—thirty-two bells will be rung in memory of those who perished.

Family of ‘murdered’ UK teenager reacts to death

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The family of the 19 year old who was ‘murdered’ in a pub car park two days ago have made a statement regarding the death of their child. They said that “Jack is obviously dearly missed by all of his family. He was a much loved son and brother.”

“Nothing can ever fill the hole that has been left in our lives,” they continued. “We know that Jack had a lot of friends, but we have been amazed by the amount of messages that people have left. “

The family continued “we can not believe Jack has gone, we all keep expecting him to walk back in. Jack was an angel, he was amazing.”

The death, which was treated as murder, resulted in two arrests. The murder, which occurred on Wednesday evening, took place near Highridge Road in Bishopsworth, Bristol.

February 24th, 2017

Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Still Sending Me Text Messages?}

Submitted by: Anthony Malibu

He dumped you, but he still calls… he still emails… and your ex still text-messages you, even after the breakup. So what do all the mixed signals mean? Is there a way to decipher your ex boyfriend’s true intentions?

Guys can be very confusing at times. That said, there’s nothing more confusing than an ex boyfriend who keeps texting you after the break up.

Does he want you back? Is he interested in dating you again? Or is your ex just making friendly small talk?

When you’re still in love with your ex boyfriend, it’s easy to read into things. You’ll be looking for signs that your ex still loves you, even when they’re not there. Being honest can be difficult here. It’s easy to deceive yourself into some very wishful thinking.

That being said, guess what? Anytime your ex boyfriend is contacting you after the break up: he’s still hung up on you. There’s no denying the fact that your ex still has feelings and emotions that make him pick up the phone and call, or even send you some post-breakup text-messages.

Any guy who’s truly done will be DONE with you completely. He won’t answer your calls, your emails, or your own attempts at communication. Most of all, he certainly won’t be sending you texts that could keep you hanging on.

So why does my ex boyfriend keep texting me? What does he really want?

The answer to that question can vary, but the root cause behind the contact is always the same. Quite simply, a guy will text you because he’s thinking about you. Either you’ve withdrawn enough that he’s finally started missing you (which is a really great starting tactic), or he’s been recently rehashing the relationship in his mind. Either way, you’re on the right track to getting your boyfriend back. How you


to these texts will determine whether you’ll date him again, or whether the two of you will go your separate ways.

What your ex says in his text message can determine what he’s thinking about your past relationship. The following examples are a good general guide to what’s going on:

“I just wanted to make sure you’re okay…”

This is bogus, really. What your ex boyfriend is really trying to say here is that he’s thinking about you. Mentally he’s not doing alright, but your ex can’t come out and tell you that. So what does he do? He uses the guise of making sure


doing alright in order to make contact. Pretty slick, but that’s what this text means.

“I want to know when I can pick up the stuff I left at your house…”

Unless your ex left something very important at your house, this type of communication can wait. Moreover, if he really wanted his stuff back your ex would call you on the phone directly. The fact that he’s texting you this message means he’s not too serious about it. Overall, it’s just a weak excuse for making contact with you.

“I was wondering if we could meet up. I have a few things to say to you…”

Your ex could be reconsidering the break up here, and that’s a good thing. In trying to win your boyfriend back, this is one of the best text-messages you can get.

At the same time however, you need to be very careful. An ex boyfriend who texts you that he wants to meet up? He could easily be looking for nothing more than sex. Depending upon how long it’s been since the break up, your ex might be feeling you out to see how you’d handle a no-strings attached sexual encounter. Agree to this, and he might even try for the “friends with benefits” arrangement.

Don’t give in to your ex boyfriend’s advances thinking it will help get him back. There are times when having sex with your ex can actually help solidify on ongoing reconciliation… but not sleeping with him straight out of the clear blue sky. Always be wary of an ex boyfriend’s true motives when he offers to meet up with you.

“Just because we’ve broken up, it doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends…”

Why would your ex boyfriend text message you something like this? Because staying “friends” with you enables him to keep you hanging on. Becoming his platonic buddy gives him the ability to know where you are and what you’re doing at all times… turning you into little more than a big giant safety net.

Does your ex boyfriend really want to be friends? Hell no. What he’s looking for is security and comfort. It’s nice to know that if his new single life fails miserably he can always fall back on his old standby: you.

Never accept friendship when you truly want a real, genuine relationship with your ex boyfriend. Becoming friends with your ex is like taking a huge demotion, and even worse, accepting it with a big phony grin.

What To Do When Your Exboyfriend Keeps Texting You

Wanna know what to do when your ex sends you a bunch of post-breakup text messages? NOTHING. Absolutely, positively nothing at all.

The more you ignore your ex’s lame attempts at contacting you through your phone, the faster you’ll pique his interest. Up until now you’ve always answered his texts. So once you finally stop? Your ex will immediately wonder what has changed in your life. He’ll need to know if you’ve met someone else, don’t care anymore, or have finally gotten over him. Believe it or not, these things will make your boyfriend interested in you again. They’ll drive the need for him to get back in touch… REAL touch, using a phone or physically seeing you face to face.

Want your ex boyfriend back? Learn


how to handle his texts. Beyond that, you should also learn the many methods and techniques you can use to get your ex boyfriend interested in you again.

About the Author: There are 8 Individual Steps that will help in

Winning Your Boyfriend Back

, so find out what they are! The sooner you get started on the path to reconciliation, the faster you can

reverse your breakup



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James Brady, former White House press secretary, gun control advocate, dies at 73

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

James Brady, former White House Press Secretary for the Ronald Reagan US presidential administration and advocate for gun control, died yesterday at age 73 in an Alexandria, Virginia retirement community. The family released a statement saying, “We are heartbroken to share the news that our beloved Jim ‘Bear’ Brady has passed away after a series of health issues”. Brady was a few weeks shy of his 74th birthday.

Brady was serving as President Reagan’s press secretary when he was the most seriously wounded out of four, in a assassination attempt on Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr. on March 30, 1981. Brady was shot in the head by a hollow-point bullet damaging his right frontal lobe. Dr. Arthur Kobrine, a neurosurgeon, operated on Brady to save his life. Brady survived but was left with brain damage, slurred speech, short-term memory loss, and partial paralysis which required use of a wheelchair.

Following the assassination attempt, Brady and his wife Sarah joined with The Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, and Handgun Control, Inc., two organizations lobbying for gun control. The organizations were later renamed in honor of Brady, as Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence respectively. The organizations lobbied for the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, a law passed in 1993 which requires federal background checks on firearm purchasers in the United States.

Brady never again held press conferences after the assassination attempt; nevertheless, he officially remained press secretary throughout the entire Reagan administration, till 1989. In 2000, the White House press briefing room was renamed after Brady. Josh Earnest, President Barack Obama’s current press secretary, along with eleven other former White House press secretaries said in a statement, “Jim Brady defined the role of the modern White House Press Secretary. With his passing we lost a friend and mentor, and the country lost a selfless public servant who dedicated his life to service, even in the face of tragedy. […] Jim set the model and standard for the rest of us to follow. It’s been a genuine honor for each of us to stand at the podium in the briefing room that will always bear his name.”